Parkinson’s Fit at The Sporting Club provides a strong community of support to help build a better quality of life.

At The Sporting Club, you will find a comprehensive Parkinson’s support program featuring PWR!4Life and Rock Steady with trained fitness experts focused on delivering effective exercise strategies, motivational guidance and positive change to those living with Parkinson’s.

A specially developed program created by neuroscientist, Dr. Becky Farley, addressing motor and cognitive issues and designed to increase balance, flexibility and posture, improve gait and prevent falls. PWR!4Life uses research-based integrated exercises and wellness programming to counteract motor deterioration and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Boxers focus on many of the same areas impacted by Parkinson’s including agility, speed, muscular endurance, balance and hand-eye coordination. In the brand new boxing studio at The Sporting Club, Rock Steady instructors use the principles of boxing training to go head to head with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease while at the same time concentrating on building strength and flexibility.


Parkinson’s Fit classes are held throughout the week with special programming designed for the various stages of symptoms. Each participant will be matched for a class based on the results of a personal assessment required for enrollment.

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