Strength Training

Strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, reduced potential for injury, a temporary increase in metabolism, and improved cardiac function. Strength training uses resistance methods like free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, or a person’s own weight to build muscles and strength.

Class Descriptions

“Just Clif”

A dynamic weight training class, this was designed by Just Clif, a professional boxing trainer.  Experience all the training techniques a real boxer uses: speed drills, weights, medicine ball, kicks, and more!

ABS on the floor

This class focuses on the abdominal region to strengthen and tone.

Aqua Fit

This cardiovascular and conditioning workout is done in the pool to decrease joint stress. A total body physical conditioning obtained by using water as resistence.

Cardio Ball/ABS

This class targets strength, power, and balance exercises for physical conditioning and peak performance. Medicine balls, weights, and body bards are used.  Definition guaranteed!

Circuit Breaker 

A total body program that combines an intense hour of cardio drills followed by strength training segments that will short circuit your muscles.  Class focuses on core and rotational strength and muscular endurance.   Non-stop and challenging!

Core Fit & More

This class is a weight training class which utilizes hand weights, body bar, and the core board.  The core board is an unstable surface which is used to improve balance while strengthening the core muscles and the ankle joints.

Kick Butt & Burn

Strength training combined with weight training

Med. Ball & ABS

Designed to reshape your entire body

Power ABS

This is a class that focuses on the abdominal region to strengthen and tone.

Power Core 

This class focuses on the abdominal region to strengthen and tone.

Weight Training

This intense conditioning for the total body is designed to reshape and redefine muscles.  The use of bands and hand-held weights and the Reebok step are incorporated.

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