Boxing at The Sporting Club

Train like a professional boxer! Boxing at The Sporting Club is designed by professional boxing trainer Clif Johnson.  Clif’s knockout workouts offer a unique, all-body cardio and strength-training workout. Experience all the training techniques a real boxer uses: speed drills, weights, medicine ball, and kicks!

Class Descriptions

The Boxer’s Workout

Expect vigorous, high intensity, anaerobic activities in this heart-pumping workout.  Improve your coordination, agility, speed, total body strength and muscle tone.  Most importantly, although this type of training is intense and physically demanding, you will begin at your own pace to achieve the goals you set.


Fight Night Challenge

Train like a professional boxer.  Participants train and spar with other challengers to gain boxing experience and increase confidence in the ring.  Boxers who participate in these Challenges have the opportunity to fight in our Annual Fight Night event.

Annual Fight Night

The Sporting Club hosts an Annual Fight Night event each Spring featuring the area’s best amateur boxers.  Sporting Club members come together in one ring to battle for the Championship Belt.

Interested in getting involved with The Sporting Club’s boxing program or Fight Night?  Contact us here.