Boxing @ The Sporting Club


Train like a professional boxer! Boxing at The Sporting Club is designed by Clif Johnson, a professional boxing trainer.  Clif’s knockout workouts offer a unique, all-body cardio and strength-training workout. Experience all the training techniques a real boxer uses: speed drills, weights, medicine ball, and kicks!

Class Descriptions

The Boxer’s Workout

In the “Boxer’s Workout” you can expect vigorous, high intensity, anaerobic activities.  High heart rates and short, quick bursts of activity as well as muscular endurance exercises to improve stamina.  You will also improve your coordination, agility, speed, total body strength and muscle tone.  Most importantly, although this type of training is intense and physically demanding, you will begin at your own pace to achieve the goals you set.

Just Clif

A dynamic weight training class, this was designed by “Just Clif,” a professional boxing trainer. Experience all the training techniques a real boxer uses: speed drills, weights, medicine balls, and kicks!

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Fight Night Challenge

In preparation for Fight Night. Clif Johnson holds a series of “challenges” that prepares fighters for the day of the event. In these challenges, fighters train and even spar with other challengers to gain experience and bring their confidence up. Members may still take part of the challenge and are not required to fight in the event.

Fight Night – Annual Event

The Sporting Club at The Bellevue hosts an annual amateur boxing event with a ring, entourages, music, smoke and some exciting fights. Each year, members of The Sporting Club boxing team are matched against local amateur fighters.

Interested in getting involved with The Sporting Club’s boxing program or Fight Night?  Contact Clif Johnson:

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